"What comes to your mind when you hear silver? - Silver jewelry"

This is the most expected answer. But have you ever thought of silver jewelry and health benefits? Silver has been utilized for therapeutic purposes by the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Phoenicians for ages. Silver is a naturally occurring element found in whole grains, mushrooms, spring and tap water, and a variety of other places. In the 1800s and early 1900s, silver was used in antimicrobial and wound-healing applications for combat medicine.

Silver is utilized to cleanse drinking water on the International Space Station, stimulate wound healing and medical equipment. But what is the basis of these health benefits? Some of the science behind all this is:

  • Prevents electromagnetic radiations from entering the body

Silver helps the body from electromagnetic radiation as silver contains positively charged particles called ions. Ions create a field around the long silver pendant necklace or any jewelry you are wearing and act as a protective shield against radiation. This field is also conducive to maintaining our body's natural electric flow. This field will support the entire heat regulation and circulation of the body.

  • Acts as a fighting agent against bacteria

Bacteria is a negatively charged particle, whereas silver is a positively charged particle. Silver will battle these negatively charged ions and protect our bodies from the symptoms of the common cold, the flu, and a variety of other bacterial diseases. Silver will disrupt the location of bacteria in the body, eventually killing them. If you want to protect yourself from bacteria, then buy silver bracelets online and avail this benefit.

  • Helps with Anxiety

Wearing certain types of jewelry can also help you relax and re-center. For example, simple silver "worry jewelry" and spinner rings, which have an outer band that spins freely around the inner ring, have been shown to have a calming effect that aids in the reduction of anxiety through repetitive motion. Even in public, those suffering from anxiety can spin their ring quietly to help alleviate symptoms.

  • Helps in Arthritis

According to many studies, if someone is experiencing pain in the joint of their finger, he should wear a specific sort of silver ring. Silver rings can reduce the discomfort caused by arthritis. They are anti-hyperextension therapies for the finger joints. In addition, they keep the risk of getting chronic illnesses at bay.

With these many benefits underlined with proper reasoning, one needs to have some specific silver jewelry. So, let's indulge in some silver jewelry by buying from sustainable jewelry manufacturers. Whether or not you believe in all of silver's claimed benefits, wearing silver jewelry is a surefire way to make you smile and enhance a woman's beauty while adding luxury or casual elegance to a guy.