Humans have the very bad habit of phasing everything happening in life at one point in time. When we go to school, it was a phase, when we start working which is also a phase of life. For instance, every single relationship is phased to make it clear and find the pattern. Similarly, people playing Satta king Online also go through a similar phase where they experience the same shit happening to them. Here, we tried our best to mark down 10 points of the phases in which people play Satta King Online. 1. Searching the real game because Satta King evokes Curiosity The game has a rich history; still, people are dubious about its existence. You also find it a bit amusing as you may get tons of websites with Satta king Result and records but not the one where you can play the game online. You have to spend quality time searching for the real game on the internet. There are many ongoing scams related to Satta King Online. Make sure you will find the right game no matter how much time you search. 2. Excited to play the game, learned rules by heart Once you find the Sattaking game, you will be eager enough to play the game. Some smart minds around will advise you to read the rules of the game so that you can improve your chances of winning the game. It can be easy and exciting as you are learning and knowing new things. The feeling can match the excitement of talking with the girl for the first time. Also, this is very easygoing even from the emotional level. 3. Wait for the first win and the big win Now you know the procedure to play the game, you can play and play until you get your big win. Some people have made contradicting a statement by saying they would better lose in the first few games so that they can end up the Satta king phase soon in the life. The big win is all your way and you will receive 90 times what you have invested in the first place. Please note that we are talking about the monetary investment at this time only. If you are sensible then you manage your money otherwise it’s party time in your life. 4. Investments and time devotion to be rich Now you enter the beautiful and rosy phase where you start daydreaming about your life once you become rich by playing Satta King Online games. Even though the Lottery game Satta Matka has the potential to make you rich, facts say only the Sattaking game operators become rich. Moving on, you may invest your time finding out ways to win every possible Satta King game, you find predictors, hackers, and even the game operators. This phase is physically exhausting. 5. Series of losses With big wins come the series of losses. Haven’t you heard the phrase…. “Everything that goes up comes down eventually.” So your success with being Satta King can only be for a couple of days. In the nutshell, you would definitely see this phase either earlier in the process or a little later in the process. Moreover, this is happening for the good so enjoy or we can say struggle in this phase till you phase out. This is inevitable and you can’t escape it if you play Satta King continuously. 6. Addiction and the worst phase While you keep losing and consistently playing the game just because you love it, it is classified as the addiction phase. It is the worst phase and you will regret it every time you play even when you don’t want to. Most of the lottery games are quite addictive in nature. No matter what you do, you just can’t escape the phase. While you enjoy your Satta King addiction as a guilty pleasure, stay normal and don’t give up on hope as this will end soon. You will be normal again. 7. Cursing the game and swear for no shortcuts You have lost almost everything in your life, your relationship, your parents, your friends, your respect, and whatnot. What will you do? Either find out another addiction to get rid of Satta King's addiction or cuss the game for a moment and start over. Believe me, there are no shortcuts for success and lottery games are just fortune favoring which might look attractive but it is not. There are many instances where riches became rags because of poor handling of money and rags become rich by believing in themselves. 8. Satta King Rehab If and only if there would be any type of Satta King rehab… you may wish to enroll yourself and become a better version of yourself. Here’s your chance as there are many useful articles on various websites that discuss in detail the Satta King addictions. You can listen to people who survived this talking about their experience too. 9. Knocked out in a different life Okay so you have taken the rehab, and various other suggestions seriously, you end up having good habits like reading books, watching movies and web series, creating moments with your family, gaining trust in the relationship, and every other thing that keeps you away from Satta king and its vicious circle. Your life is changed now, you are into study or jobs or having your own business. You are looking to the endless possibility of getting rich soon but working your way out and not just depending on the lottery game again. 10. Get an offer to make a comeback in Satta King And everything changed. You get to know about Satta King somehow, you know where to play it, you have enough money for one significant bet that may change your life forever and you start looking to other possibilities from that moment. You take the decision. Either it is over or start again. Resource URL:- Satta king