Yes, you do need an accomplished DWI Lawyer when facing DWI charges. Every year lawmakers attempt to and often succeed in enacting tougher DWI laws and more severe penalties for offenders driving while intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated is a serious charge to face, and when an individual is arrested for DWI, they should seek help right away. A DWI arrest will impact an individual's life in many ways.

Loss of your driver's license, prison time, substantial fines, and an increase in auto insurance rates are just a few of the consequences to be faced for a DWI arrest. Current and future employment could be impacted by such a criminal arrest. By seeking the assistance of a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer who specializes in DWI cases in and around Fort Worth, the outcome of an individual's case could have a more positive effect than if the individual tries to face the charges on their own.

A Fort Worth DWI Lawyer employs their expertise to get a case reduced or even dismissed. Some states can have very strong penalties for even first-time offenders and especially severe penalties for repeat offenders. All states have adopted their own legislation and laws that set the standards for drunk driving or legal intoxication at the specific blood alcohol content. The average blood alcohol content level is .08 or higher.

Some states have legislation that allows an offender to be prosecuted with DWI if their blood alcohol concentration is between .05 and .08. In Texas, you are considered legally intoxicated when your blood alcohol content hits 0.08 percent, but you are violating the law as soon as drugs or alcohol impair your ability to drive. Many states, including Texas, have a zero-tolerance policy for drunk or impaired drivers.

At Cole Paschall Law, we offer comprehensive consultations, ensuring you have an opportunity to avoid harsh penalties for your suspected crimes or at least get away with reduced sentences. To start developing a substantial and impactful defense against the criminal charges, contact the office of Cole Paschall Law, an experienced Fort Worth DWI lawyer, at 1-817-477-4100.