EA Sports announced Madden NFL 22 this year's edition. There's plenty of fascinating information on Mut 22 coins improved and new features and even some gameplay footage for fans to pore over however, the most important thing to remember is very clear: EA is trying to sow all the chaos it can this season.

What's the significance of doing that? The two most skilled quarterbacks in the league are Tom Brady (cover athlete) and Patrick Mahomes (cover athlete). They share the MVP Edition cover, which could also mean they are in the same boat as the Madden curse. Perhaps, by working together they'll be able to defeat the bad juju, like some players have been able to overcome it throughout history. It's equally possible that they'll both blast off during the this preseason. In the other hand, if not an avid Bucs or Chiefs lover, it might appear like a fair bargain.

Madden 22 promises some exciting features, however many of them will be available to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. On the new consoles, gamers will be able to enjoy what EA claims is a more immersive gameday experience, which will be centered around three areas. Gameday Momentum adds a new speed-based momentum gauge that lets you earn in-game perks called M-Factors. Gameday Atmosphere helps to increase the sense of immersion in the stadium. EA claims that more realistic crowds can improve your field's performance. Next-Gen Stats Star Driven AI promises to be more intelligent and more personalized AI for teams based on actual data. The system will also change during the course of the season. Additionally, a new Home-Field Advantage feature offers unique adjustments that can be activated when playing on your personal turf, such as crowd noise in Kansas City that will delay the team's loud voices.

All players can still look forward to cheap Madden nfl 22 coins improvements in other aspects of the game, however. These include a redeveloped Franchise mode, an updated Superstar X-Factors, unified progression between Face of the Franchise and The Yard, and tweaks to both of those modes, in addition to Ultimate Team. Madden NFL 20's Superstar KO mode will now also feature NFL rosters as well as teams.