Here we are talking about What is Cryptocurrency or how cryptocurrency works or how you can purchase cryptocurrency. So Firstly Know about What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is basically based on Blockchain Technology which is a system of recording information. It is a chain of information registration and distribution that is controlled by does cryptocurrency work? It works with a record of digital transactions that are independent of each type of central bank. In that all kinds of technical details which are related to Blockchain technology that may be investing if it drives you into a technology. It eliminates the third person - like a bank - it allows buyers or sellers to transaction business of cryptocurrencies directly a part of cryptocurrency. It has elements that are directly between each other. It should be served from lower to even types of transaction fees, which are a major part of the attractions of cryptocurrency. Purchase cryptocurrency - it may be imagined, you can’t go to a local bank to purchase cryptocurrency or even sell a cryptocurrency to another person. Purchase cryptocurrency which choose a direct investment in bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), increasing the latest trends towards indexing investing of the blockchain technology that is offered to you freely. Having Cryptocurrency bundles which are similar to investing in the Satix exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the brands, which tracks the performance of the top cryptocurrencies features.