Rabbit fur fabric is a very popular fabric in the market. There are many characteristics of rabbit fur fabric . Let's take a look.

Rabbit fur is very soft, strong in warmth, has good air permeability, strong moisture absorption, comfortable and elegant to wear. Rabbit hair is composed of keratin. Both villi and coarse hair have a medulla layer. The pith of the villi is the single intermittent or narrow block, and the pith of the coarse hair is wide, showing multiple blocks, and contains air. The fiber is slender, the color is white, the luster is good, it is soft and fluffy, and it has strong warmth retention. However, the fiber has less crimp, smooth surface, poor cohesion between fibers, and low strength. The fine wool is 15.9-27.4cN/tex, the coarse wool is 62.7-122.4cN/tex, and the average elongation at break is 31%~48%. The reaction to acid and alkali is roughly the same as that of wool. It is difficult to spin rabbit hair purely. It is mostly blended with other fibers and can be used as knitted sweaters and woven fabrics.The fiber surface is smooth, fluffy, and straight, and the length is shorter than wool, so the cohesion between the fibers is slightly worse. If you wear it in close contact with other clothing and keep rubbing it, it is easy to shed hair and pilling.

Of course, teddy velvet fabric is the same, it will shed hair and pilling, but its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.