You have now arrived at a go across streets in your day to day existence spiritual healer. You are arousing to your life's actual reason and are looking for an individual otherworldly holistic mentor to direct you along your profound way throughout everyday life. So where would it be advisable for you to go to for direction? Maitreya is an otherworldly holistic mentor for the new age. He is an Ascended Master, an exceptionally developed otherworldly being who has rose from the Earth plane who is accountable for the Office of Christ. Maitreya was accountable for the Office of Christ when the Christ Energy was diverted through Jesus around 2000 years prior. The Earth has now advanced to where Maitreya can straightforwardly address individuals of the Earth. Maitreya alludes to himself as the World Teacher - a definitive individual otherworldly holistic mentor. Maitreya's lessons are significant and nitty gritty. He speaks personally about what you need to do now of time when the Earth and its kin are entering the new age. Maitreya's lessons are basic and direct. Everybody can see evidently what they need to do in their daily routine to experience a more profound life, and to set themselves up for the otherworldly climb of the Earth plane and its kin in the year 2012. Not every person will pick Maitreya as their own otherworldly holistic mentor. An individual should resound at the right vibrational recurrence to feel alright with the new age lessons of Maitreya, who talks in the interest of the relative multitude of thousands of Ascended Masters that incorporate Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama the Buddha, and Mother Mary. On the off chance that you pick Maitreya as your own otherworldly holistic mentor, you will start to feel a shift and ascend in your profound vibration as your brain is opened up to the Truth of mankind and what lies ahead. Spiritual Healing Mentor advises us that it isn't the courier that is significant, it is the message. What's more, in the event that you peruse or hear the message, and it feels appropriate for you then, at that point acknowledge it as a component of your being. In the event that the message doesn't feel right, ignore it and continue onward to another.