We need to consult doctors for different health conditions. In times of pandemic, going out to consult a doctor is not considered safe by many.This is where the online doctor consultation is useful; you can get in touch with top doctors from the comforts of your home. At the same time, you get discounts on your consultation as well with Apollo Pharmacy Offers

Online healthcare services have become more popular during the pandemic. The patients don’t need to step out of their house at a time when social distancing is considered safe. 

If you are new to this thing, now is the right time to get used to this service and reap the fantastic benefits. It is straightforward and you can consult a doctor anytime without the need of leaving your home. You can choose from video, audio, or text message-based consulting. First, you need to select a category of specialists such as cardiology, dermatology, diabetology, endocrinology, endodontics, oncology, urology, etc. 


Once you select a category, available specialist doctors will be displayed. From the list, you can choose to consult a doctor based on fee, years of experience, availability, etc. 

The availability of these doctors will also be displayed on the screen. If you want an instant consultation, options will be available as well. Click on the book appointment option to book a slot of your choice.

Choose a payment mode to confirm the booking. Also, apply Apollo Pharmacy Promo Code to get a discount on the consultation fee. You will receive a prescription instantly. Follow-up is available for up to 7 days via text messages. You can also order the medicines prescribed online. 


Online consultation is not a time-saving option, but it also helps you manage your health records better. It is considered the future of healthcare. More and more people today are preferring online consultations for the majority of health concerns. While online consultation suits the hectic modern-day lifestyle, it can also be money-saving with Apollo Pharmacy Coupons. You can also pocket a discount on the consultation fees of top doctors.