Covid 19 is one of the biggest reasons to promote distance learning. This is a proper explanation of the quotes. When the going gets tough, then it's better to keep teaching online. This teaching demands to support the situation and act appropriately according to the problem or context. It's nothing less, not more the spread of the epidemic sky-rocket the enrollment in distance learning and personalized learning via online means.


The universities have forced online learning, and with time, things started getting normalized. Many studies also proved that students are themselves confident in technology-based education. On the other hand, faculty and universities embrace the pandemic challenge of imparting knowledge via online means in a better and more organized form.


What is distance learning?

Distance Learning is a way to impart education by online methods. Additionally, the lectures and learning materials are sent over the internet. Students lack the essence of authentic learning and work from home.


Advantages Of Distance Learning

Distance learning is a method that includes fantastic benefits. For some, it acts as a cost-effective option. On the contrary, it can also limit knowledge to the needful due to geographical barriers. For instance, a person can take the classes from its elite coaching point regardless of geography.


Earlier, this style was adopted by universities and colleges and after successful implementation. Colleges and schools are also moving on the same track. Nowadays, every individual is being forced to create online-based opportunities and work on them effectively.


Disadvantages of Online learning

Some students may not be able to calm their thirst for knowledge due to network limitations, and internet access may struggle. And, this is standardly observed some people are facing difficulty due to the elimination of the traditional classroom environment.


Distance learning is divided into two main categories, namely - synchronous and asynchronous.


Synchronous means "at the same time" .and refers to the method of education which delivers the real-time happenings at the same instant of time. But the primary thing required is network connectivity.

It is not flexible in comparison with other distance learning formats. This approach limits the students to learn at their own pace. We understand as this may sound frustrating for students and block the freedom of asynchronous classrooms.



This is a method in which students receive a cluster of weekly deadlines, which allows them to work at their speed. It also proffers more opportunities for students and will enable them to have a healthy interaction. Students also have the facility to access the course beyond the scheduled meetings or class and motivate them to interact more and explore new things by having an online conversion, quizzes or videos comments on their own scheduled time.


The faculty and students avail themselves of the benefit of the same. Hence allow them to create and consume content at their convenient pace. The flexibility will enable them to create a  continuous flow promptly and access learning material on time.


Rise in reach and engagement

This gives a severe increase in hectic and unpredictable schedules as the facility can extend the course content beyond the scheduled meetings and class timings. These classes can be recorded and shared via online means and act as leverage for faculty. One can always get analytics and generate captions, conversations, quizzes and many others.


Students Inspiration

This method assists the teachers to motivate the students to review content according to their time and device-friendly manner. It allows moving at their own pace with ease. This encourages learning according to the student's needs and preferences and enhances students' success.


Complement synchronous learning experience

The need for virtual, live interaction but asynchronous communication often complements extended live sessions beyond a particular class. Nowadays, Zoom meetings are prominent and offer superb options to exponentiate the reach and interaction.

One can post the zoom recording to re-watch the session or have the opportunity to interact with the content. By this, one can estimate the statistics of the participants and generate new, more and interactive captions to increase the accessibility. Adding quizzes also acts as an effective tool in creating clarity in the online content for online courses.


One can employ distinct methods for personalized learning. Let's explore and dive deep into different kinds of knowledge. We have listed some ways with their benefits.

  • Video conferencing is a traditional method to conduct meetings to connect over the internet. This is widely proffered on platforms like Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect and many more. This method enhances student-tutor interaction and provides a structure for lesson planning.
  • Fixed time online learning courses allow accessing the system according to their time and provide the track to complete the pre-scheduled classroom activities at a specific pace.

People sometimes go for personalized learning to cream out the best results, which often works more effectively over distance learning.