Now flannel fabrics are more popular fabrics, of course, the flannel jacquard two-tone fabric is also popular among the public. Flannel fabric is a kind of woolen fabric covered with plump and dense fluff. The raw material is mainly mixed-color carded wool yarn. It has a delicate and soft hand feeling and excellent thermal performance. It is widely used in spring and autumn clothing, trousers, and tops. , Children's clothing and other industries. The flannel fabric has good dyeability. After the loose fiber dyeing process, it can form many colors including light gray, medium gray, dark gray milk-white, light coffee, etc., and the decorative effect is excellent. The jacquard fabric is made of polyester low-stretch yarn, and the fabric structure adopts satin plain weave texture, which is interwoven on an air-jet loom. After the grey fabric is processed by desizing, preshrinking, and softening, the fabric has very good air permeability. And it feels soft and smooth. The flannel fleece blanket uses flannel as the raw material, and the finished product is also very good.