A fair question with no short answer as it will depend on ดาวน์โหลด slotxo your individual needs and desires.The iPhone 11 isn't the new kid on the block. Apple has been selling it since Fall 2019 when it launched for $799, however,

on Apple's website for $599 right now, it's a pretty tempting offer. In fact, that price might be something you need to hear to decide. But if you're still wondering

whether to buy the iPhone 11 now or wait for the expected price drop of the iPhone 12 in the fall, the short answer is -- no short answer -- as it will depend on demand. and your personal needs and how to prioritize them.

For example, do you mind using an iPhone that is a bit old? Or do you think saving hundreds of dollars is more important than carrying the latest smartphone? And how important is 5G to you?