You realize that your landscaping is not complete after you have finished renovating your interiors. So you decide to quit and buy some plastic chairs with interior designing company in delhi. We're here to tell you that the outdoors is now as popular as indoors and that it can be just as fun to buy garden furniture. This is a quick checklist that will help you keep track of your choices and ensure you have the right pieces for your garden.



Make a plan. Do not shop haphazardly. Please take a look at your space and decide how to use it. Are you using it for Sunday brunches or other occasions? You'll also need a large dining table. Do you need it for intimate gatherings? A bench, some chairs, and side tables for cocktails are all you need. For lounging, recliners or a hammock are the best options. Before you decide to buy, make sure you sit down on the furniture. Because you will be lounging around for hours, comfort is crucial. You should ensure that the piece has a comfortable backrest and enough legroom. You can also add cushions.


Durability Is King

You will have your garden furniture out in the elements, rain or shine. Choose weather-resistant materials like aluminum, wrought iron, and treated plastics. They are also affordable. Treated wicker and rattan are excellent choices and give off a tropical feel. If you are interested in solid wood, ensure it is teak. So it will not experience excessive wear and tear. If your deck or patio does not have a roof, you might consider storage in the off-seasons. You can extend its life by storing it inside. For compact storage, choose light pieces that can be folded or stacked.



It doesn't matter if your garden is outdoors; it doesn't mean you don't need to have a rug. To give your space an instant personal touch, place an all-weather mat, some lanterns, candles, or hang a few planters. The times have changed. There are many options for garden furniture interior designer in delhi: you can choose from pinks, blues, and greens, as well as whites. In addition, you can paint a few of your existing pieces if you have them. This is an intelligent way to keep furniture looking new and rust-free.


We Loves

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  1. Oriel Bistro Table

The Oriel Bistro Table makes a stylish addition to your garden or deck. It can be used as a breakfast table or as a perch for cocktails.


  1. Winston Outdoor Chair

The Winston chair can be adorned with a cushion, and you can enjoy your morning coffee from it. It's made from treated rattan and will last year after year.


  1. Masaba Coffee Table


The Masaba coffee table's distressed finish is ideal for outdoor spaces. Place it on a rug to enjoy the rustic glow. It should be kept out of direct sunlight and moved indoors during monsoons.


  1. Tolix Chair

Mix and match is possible. You can mix and match, for example, a solid wood table with the industrial look of the Tolix chair.


  1. Emergency Bench

The Emergency bench's simple lines can be paired with an organic table to increase the space on your patio. Avoid direct sunlight and go indoors during the off-seasons. Latonya chairs are perfect for reading with their curvaceous silhouettes. The chair's rattan frame can withstand all weather conditions.