A car is assembled from thousands of parts and components, and these parts contain automotive bearings. So how many bearings are needed in a car? Which parts of the car are these bearings used? We will give you a list again today.

  1. Let's talk about the engine first. After all, the engine is the core part of the car. It needs to use sliding bearings including the crankshaft seat of the crankshaft and the cylinder block, commonly known as the large tile, the crankshaft and the connecting rod, commonly known as the small tile, the connecting rod and the piston pin, the camshaft, and the seat hole, are all sliding bearings. Depending on the pressure of the oil pump Lubrication. Crankshafts and cylinder blocks are also equipped with ball bearings, very rarely
  2. Engine accessories such as water pumps are all ball bearings.
  3. If it is a manual transmission car, the car clutch is also needed. There is a release bearing in the car clutch, which is a radial thrust ball bearing.
  4. There are two bearings on each shaft in the gearbox. The cart is generally a ball bearing, and the cart is generally a needle roller bearing.
  5. Each ten-byte drive shaft has four needle bearings.
  6. ​​Ball-bearing support for multi-section driveshaft
  7. If it is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, there will be a differential, which is generally ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
  8. Wheel hub bearings are generally double tapered roller bearings inside and outside.
  9. The steering gear is generally a ball bearing
  10. Radial thrust ball bearing for front wheel steering knuckle
  11. The intermediate balance shaft of the rear double-axle truck is a tapered roller bearing

The above are the auto parts bearings used in some of the more important parts we sorted out. Of course, there are many other automotive bearings, so I won't list them all here. NINGBO MOSHENG BEARING CO., LTD. and other products such as single row deep groove ball bearing. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to negotiate.