You don't think Shelby will miss the opportunity to work on the ดาวน์โหลด slotxo latest F-150 pickup, do you?Make way for another super pickup: the 2021 Shelby Ford F-150 Shelby American on Thursday revealed a new

truck that will rock the roads and trails with up to 775 horsepower and some upgraded gears for unbeaten trails. Basically, this is a Shelby capable of tuning in the latest iteration of the standard Ford F-150.

The essence of the new F-150 remains. It has a premium interior and additional technology such as the ability to update over-the-air. However, Shelby's mind has provided an optional supercharger kit to increase

the 395hp V8 engine to 775hp as the buyer wishes. let's face If you're watching Shelby, you're probably going to want more of a supercharger kit.