Solar Secure offers competitive, high-quality solar plans at low rates for every unique business needs. They understand that every business is different, which is why they offer competitive commercial solar projects. Solar panels are multipurpose and varied according to their features. But no matter which one you get from Solar Secure, you get peace of mind knowing that your usage and supply charges won't increase and that you get a discount on the total power bills each month according to the daily electricity usage rates.

Large Commercial Enterprises such as auto dealerships, hospitals, and healthcare homes are dedicated consumers of solar power systems from Solar Secure. Many industries such as the agriculture industry and auto dealerships believe in protecting the environment while saving thousands of dollars on overall electricity costs. Solar for business is not an old concept, but due to current incentives and solar rebates, people have become more welcoming to solar change.

What are the perks of Solar for Business?

If people need the final push to shift to solar power systems, then here are the inherent benefits commercial property owners can use if they invest in solar panel systems in their buildings. The positive side to green energy is marvelous and sustainable. Not only do people get upfront costs for their electricity bills, but they create a legacy for the subsequent owners as well. Let's look into the benefits now.

1. Saving money

Large-scale business owners are continuously looking for ways to decrease the amount of money they invest and maximise profits. Our CEC Accredited installer or commercial solar installers will install solar PV panels on your roof or commercial building. As a result, you can save a considerable percentage of money on electricity costs. If you use the sun to generate clean energy, the savings add up and finally recover the installation cost. Once you connect it into a commercial structure, it will last for an average of 30 years with proper usage and maintenance once in a while.

Since fuel sources keep decreasing, energy prices keep rising throughout the world. A one-time solar PV system investment can save you some money on electricity prices each time.

2. Environmental Savings

Solar energy is a greener power source for your corporation. As a result, you can reduce your company's carbon footprint and care for all your future energy requirements. All energy companies strive to give back to the electricity consumption environment by switching to renewable energy for support.

3. Responsibility of Businesses towards Society

Each person is responsible for their actions. Going solar is a unique way of strengthening your associations with the suppliers, vendors, and customers since people trust a solar organisation. For example, solar for commercial buildings attract customers and creates a positive shift in their partnership.

4. Energy Independence

The crumbling infrastructure of the grid system has to depend on non-renewable energy sources that frequently cause outages and high cost of utility bills. Every business strives to meet the demands, while power outages are a massive drawback to run a large business smoothly.

Solar for business permits companies to continue with their services during the most terrible power outage conditions. Hence, there is no better investment than installing a solar system. Furthermore, solar-dependent organisations are independent of massive power bills and various government grants and rebates available for solar panels for business.

5. Increased property Value

Suppose a business owner plans to change their business location after a few years and shift their base. In that case, they can still consider installing commercial solar systems since most potential future buyers will pay a fortune more than the previous cost of the building and the solar system to buy an energy-independent building. Thus, the perspective is bright since owners can make a fortune while saving money.

1. What are the funding options for a Large Scale Commercial Solar Projects?

The government has declared solar grants to Victoria and many other states to switch to solar power for business. As a result, the government is attracting more people to get the environmental upgrade system for solar systems that will generate the required energy without the excessive bills and damaging the environment.

Even solar farms and other small companies can apply for business grants from the government. It has never been so effortless to go off the grid and become solar-dependent for a large-scale commercial project.

2. Planning Permissions associated with Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Secure expert’s will guide you in all permission and paperwork for residential solar panels. Since commercial projects require solar panels on a larger scale with huge kW capacities, these require licenses and a power purchase agreement (PPA). Most countries are solar PV friendly and are under 'Permitted Developments', but you can contact your solar provider to ensure what permission you require. In addition, you need a particular-sized roof to install massive solar panels. You can check the size limitations before installing one.

3. Applications of Solar Panels

The Federal government has made it easy for people to avail themselves of the benefits of commercial solar through introducing discounts and subsidies on solar energy usage in public buildings such as in Higher Education(universities and community colleges), Military, Schools, Water Districts, etc. Even home builders' associations and small businesses have warmed up to the many benefits of solar products in cities, such as the long list of dedicated clients such as commercial solar Melbourne and commercial solar Sydney. Hence, the application of solar panels is varied and diverse according to the site where people install them. Solar for Business Program by has valuable information about going solar for business.

4. How do Commercial Solar Panels work?

Our solar expert's team will first understand your energy needs for your organisations or small business. Then our solar installation team will design your solar system. Then the team works to install the solar generation products at the site with Photovoltaic Cells (PV) that can convert sunlight into direct current (DC) throughout the day. The solar battery stores this energy, and you can use it throughout the day or on the next rainy day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is solar energy good for business?

Solar energy systems installed in any small or large business building can be beneficial to the employees. All leading commercial solar installers trust Solar Secure. They can decrease energy consumption while increasing cash flow. Hence, it is a win-win condition.

2. How to install solar power systems for my business?

Solar panel installers can help residential solar and commercial solar projects as a part of their contracting services. If you want to get a free solar quote, contact Solar Secure now.

3. Why do businesses install solar panels?

Smart business owners understand the many benefits of installing ground-mounted solar modules on their roof space. Moreover, since commercial solar prices have gone down due to the current incentives and decreased electricity tariffs, businesses like to depend on solar power and feed in tariffs.

4. How should one install a solar rooftop system for business?

Solar installers that are reputable and reliable can help you meet your energy requirements through solar rooftop system installation in your building. You can get a free quote from Secure Solar.

5. What's the typical lifetime of solar panels for businesses?

The typical lifetime of solar panels is usually 25+ years. The rest will depend on its frequency of maintenance and its warranty.

6. How much do commercial solar panels cost?

Commercial solar prices depend on the battery storage system, panel quality and wiring on gets, and many more. Besides getting upfront cost and solar rebates for small businesses, one can opt for solar leases to move towards renewable energy targets one tiny step at a time. Solar secure experts will guide you for commercial solar installation and the payback period of your solar system.

7. Which are the best solar panels companies in Australia?

Many companies provide an energy solution for companies, but it is best to investigate and decide on the best commercial solar Australia. You can judge based on two factors: the requirement or placement of the panel will determine how many KW you need, and secondly, the amount of money you are willing to invest in it. You can contact Solar Secure to get an idea about commercial solar panels in Australia.

8. What are Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panels are different from residential in various aspects. Some of the most important ones are as follows.

System Size:

It depends on energy requirements and system design by an Accredited Installer. Commercial solar panels to power an entire operating business. Naturally. Residential solar products will be small or medium-sized solar systems.

Installation method:

Residential solar panels come in a rooftop mounting system with a different installation than a commercial one, which can take up to a month to complete.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

Panel efficiency is base on which product you used during solar design. If you use premium solar products, then costing is also a little higher than small brands, and you will get high-efficiency panels.

9. What kind of engineer designs solar panels?

Most electrical and mechanical engineers design solar panels, and they can become specialised solar engineers.

10. Do solar panels increase the selling value of a business?

Any potential future buyers will pay fortune solar dependent business buildings. Commercial solar Perth has more recurring customers than the businesses that do not use clean energy. Customers trust a brand using commercial solar PV and hence, can increase the selling value of a business.

11. Are solar panels worth the cost for business?

Solar panel installation can seem costly, but you can get back the entire installation cost through finance options for the solar array and energy storage products from electricity retailers with a standard track record to get discounts. Besides, the electricity generated will cost you much lesser, and you can recover the cost within five to seven years of installation.

12. Where can I find the best solar equipment for purchase?

One can buy some of the best commercial solar power products for a business from Solar Secure. Our solar experts will suggest the best products as per your need from our branded range like Trina, Jinko, SMA, Solis, Growatt, REC, LG, TeslaSonnen, or Redback to select the best one for you. In addition, experts will give you free solar quotes for your solar projects.

13. Where's the best place to buy solar panels online?

Solar Secure is the most trusted CEC Approved solar retailer for any kind of solar product.

14. What are the benefits of rooftop solar power plants?

Rooftop solar power is mainly for residential buildings, but a small-scale business can enjoy its benefits. We have various solar packages for residential, commercial, and big industries. For us, Solar is easy to install and maintain.

15. Are solar panels reliable?

All solar panels are not the same. However, the products from reputable solar companies are reliable since they come with a 10+ year warranty and extended warranty option depending on their credibility.

16. Which company makes the best PV solar panels?

Renowned companies with the best PV solar panels are Trina, Jinko, Seraphim, REC, etc.

17. How to approach solar panel distributors and retailers?

You can get a complimentary solar quote from Solar Secure and discuss with the solar panel distributors and retailers about your requirements, and they will look into it and come up with the best energy solution.