If you are traveling around Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia or China, chances are you will meet a bidets in the bathroom sooner or later. Traditionally, this is a basin near the urinal, used to clean the lower body and anal area after using the toilet, or when you need to "give up". It may be a little daunting to see bidets for the first time, but they are actually very simple to use (and very hygienic).

The steps of using bidets for the modern toilet embedded bidets are basically the same as the above, but you only need to sit on the toilet without moving when using bidets. This bidets may be electronically controlled, or there may be a control switch next to the user. Some contain two nozzles, one short for cleaning the anus, and one longer for women to clean the lower body; others have one nozzle with two settings.

You can also buy a bidets to install on your own toilet. Some products use electricity, some don't.

Other benefits of using bidets include:

People with limited mobility, such as the elderly, the disabled or the sick, can use bidets to keep them clean if it is uncomfortable and unsafe to use the bathtub or shower.

They are especially helpful for people with hemorrhoids, because they reduce the number of repeated wipes.

Using bidets can help women when they are menstruating and minimize the incidence of yeast infections or vaginitis.

You can also use bidets to wash your feet quickly.

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