In our lives, the home textile fabric is indispensable. The homogeneity of home textiles is becoming more and more serious. In the case of thinning profits, how to make profits from services has become a problem facing enterprises.

Excellent companies have to work hard on customer service if they want to stand out. Only in this way can they protect their market share. You are to have loyal customers, first of all, loyal employees; to have loyal consumers, first of all, loyal merchants. The dealer meeting is a kind of corporate service behavior. Companies holding dealer meetings are not just for merchants to place orders and sign orders. In addition to standardizing behavior and some terms of cooperation, the more important significance is to unify merchants’ thinking, have confidence in the brands they represent, and form a way of fighting the world. idea. When a business sells a product, it is not only necessary to introduce its product, but also to introduce the things behind the product. Merchants need to be more standardized and in place in terms of service, and the idea of selling products culture should also start to improve.

Whether it is polyester flannel fabric or other fabrics, the homogeneity of products on the market is becoming more and more serious. In the case of getting thinner and thinner, how to make profits from services is worth thinking about.