As a sub-category of bearings, deep groove ball bearings are widely used in modern equipment manufacturing because of their wide application and long service life, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and quality of equipment and devices. Single row deep groove ball bearings are the most representative structure in rolling bearings and have a wide range of applications. The raceways located on the inner and outer rings have a cross-section of a circular arc with a radius slightly larger than the radius of the rolling ball. In addition to bearing radial load, it can also bear axial load in two directions. The friction torque is small, and it is most suitable for applications that require high-speed rotation, low noise, and low vibration.

Single row deep groove ball bearings mainly bear radial load, but can also bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When it only bears the radial load, the contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has a large radial clearance, it has the performance of an angular contact bearing and can bear a large axial load. The friction coefficient of the deep groove ball bearing is very small and the limit speed is also high. The single row deep groove ball bearing has a simple structure and its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Low friction and high speed;
  2. Structurally, each ring of a deep groove ball bearing has a continuous groove raceway with a cross-section of about one-third of the circumference of the ball. It is mainly used to bear radial load, but also can bear certain axial load;
  3. The structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and it is easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy;

Single row deep groove ball bearings have reliable quality and stable performance and are widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, motors, water pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, and other industries. NINGBO MOSHENG BEARING CO., LTD. not only has Single row deep groove ball bearings is also an Automotive bearings manufacturer, welcome to visit our official website.