At different ages, people have different choices for clothing fabrics. At first, people wore natural cotton, wool, linen, and silk clothing. Later, man-made fibers appeared, and people liked to wear "real good". Nowadays, "green clothing" and "ecological clothing" have emerged, and people have re-selected natural fibers. The appearance of the milk velvet printed blanket gives consumers a good choice.

From the perspective of world clothing fabric consumption, the proportion of chemical fibers consumed by people is far greater than that of natural fibers, because the production of natural fibers is restricted by natural factors such as land, climate, and environment. With the development of science and technology, in recent years, new natural fibers made from the extraction and synthesis of animals and plants have become more and more popular. The clothing fabrics that people easily accept are fibers extracted from natural substances with "ecology as the basis and fashion as the purpose". "Ecology" refers to clothing that is environmentally friendly during processing and cares for the human body when worn; "fashion" refers to visual requirements such as styles, colors, and patterns. Corn fiber, bamboo fiber, and milk fiber that have appeared in recent years are in line with the requirements of "ecology" and "fashion".

In addition to these, the PV plush blanket also meets the requirements of fashion and comfort.