What if you order something before noon and in a few hours it can show up on your doorstep? Same day delivery promises. But what are the real benefits of overnight delivery services? One advantage is that the customer does not have to waste time driving to the store, picking up the item, and then queuing to make a purchase. Therefore, same day delivery saves time.

Inventory Check

Another bonus is that you know items are in stock without having to call the store and wait for someone to go to the shelf to check inventory for you. If it says the item can be delivered same day, you will receive the item same day. Disappointment at going to the store and finding out that the item was sold or that the service staff checked the wrong model of the item and that your product was definitely not after the buying equation.


Delivery has long been a service that companies strive to provide to customers, but it can be challenging for retailers due to warehouse location and shipping costs. There are no Amazon stores located in the online retail store, so the additional costs are very low, so the shipping costs vary very little for the online giant.

Shipping on Same Day

Businesses that are brick-and-mortar retailers are increasingly entering the transportation space because customers value it as an opportunity. Same day delivery is something that is not traditionally possible, but we have entered a different era and stores are rethinking their business models.

Distribution Centers

Stores like Walmart, which have tested several variants on the same day in some areas, are trying to compete with Amazon's shipping skills by using their stores as "distribution" centers. Over time this will be something that can happen, and when that happens the customer can take advantage of the variety of products that can be provided for delivery.


In general, there are some advantages to having a package available at the door within a few hours. This can be convenient, saving time, and if many retailers consider this move, the shopper will be able to choose more types of products than ever before. Stores can expect to attract shoppers, which can give them an advantage over retailers who cannot offer overnight delivery to their customers.