It's time to enter the Outland in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, but before you start playing, you should probably understand what level each new area is suitable for, and you need more WOW TBC Classic Gold. This is where the Burning Crusade Classic regional level guide can help. Below, we've got summarized the basic classification of every new area obtainable in Burning Crusade as well as its recommended level range so you are aware of where and when to go. Further down, you can find some general tips for new players, which can make it easier for you to enter the Dark Portal. Unlike the zone degree of WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic might be a fairly linear upgrade experience. You will start from Hellfire Peninsula, but when you want to level up quickly, it could be advantageous to jump between areas to finish tasks that are the same or under your level. Remember: the areas in WoW Classic do not have enough missions to upgrade you to their upper-level range. This means that, for instance, inside the Hellfire Peninsula, I suggest you reach level 62, then jump to Zangar Marsh and explore there for a time, it may be jumping into your Terrokar Forest, instead of honed to level 63 in Hellfire. Another thing worth noting is that all areas in Burning Crusade are controversial, which means you can expect a lot of PVP battles on the PVP server. However, there will be an alliance and a tribal village in each area, where you can hang out and receive quests. For more details about Burning Crusade Classic, please review our website:, also, you can buy WOW TBC Classic Gold on it, and we will provide you with a safe and convenient service. For more information about Cheap TBC Classic Gold, please read: