Drinking clean water is very essential to save us from unwanted diseases and health issues. The water which is supplied to our homes is not as pure as it should be. We cannot see impurities present in the water with our naked eyes but it can contain dust, bacteria, dirt, germs, viruses, heavy metals and other impurities, which leads to water born diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea. So it is generally advised to use water purifier at home and offices. There are basically three types of water purifiers, UV water purifier, RO water purifier and UF water purifier. You can buy anyone but never try to install it yourself and always call experts like RO Repair Service In Patna and get it installed. In this article, we are going to discuss about RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers which are pocket friendly and needs less maintenance. Due to its cost effectiveness, it is used by most of the people. RO water purifiers are the most effective purifier in removing impurities from water. It works by using high pressure to pass water through a membrane which has very small pores. It allows only water to pass through them leaving behind impurities like salt, fungi, heavy metals, etc. Clean water is stored in a separate water tank and all the impurities are removed through a separate outlet. Apart from removing impurities from the water, it removes almost all germs and bacteria and reduces TDS of water also. Like any other product, Your RO water purifier also needs timely maintenance to perform well. Following below mentioned tips, you can maintain your RO yourself; otherwise, you can search Electrician Near Me In Patna and get your work done. You should clean its filters in every 12 months. Change the membrane of RO annually. Sanitize the water storage tanks periodically. Clean and sanitize the water pipe in every 2 years. When necessary, replace the old parts and install new one. Check pressure nozzle quarterly. If you face any problem even after regular maintenance, then your purifier needs a professional service and you should call vcoolservice to diagnose and fix the problem. Source Link:- https://cutt.ly/Jmwi43U