Outland has been added to the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade classic and players will be able to experience new maps, dungeons, and missions. There are new content, role options, and new loot along with it. And Power Infused Mushroom is one of them.

The area of ​​Outland, accessible through The Dark Portal, could be the shattered floating remnants worldwide of Draenor. Outland contains seven zones, which have different plants and creatures to interact with. One of these zones, Zangarmarsh, is made the field of giant mushrooms covering a landscape of swampland. There are four dungeons located inside Zangarmarsh. The Underbog, a dungeon for players level 61-80, boasts a boss fight that may result in players acquiring a powerful trinket. Here's the way to get the Power Infused Mushroom in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.

To obtain Power Infused Mushroom, players must first accept a questline from Zangarmarsh. Zangarmarsh may be the zone towards the west of Hellfire Peninsula, the Outland starting zone which has its own dungeons and loot. Head to Sporeggar, towards the end left region of Zangarmarsh, between Marshlight Lake and The Spawning Glen. In Sporeggar, players will encounter an NPC named Khn'nix. The purple humanoid will offer players the quest "Stalk the Stalker". Players defeat the last boss of The Underbog, named The Black Stalker, and use its brain to complete tasks. Players can decide between the Essence Infused Mushroom and the Power Infused Mushroom as a reward upon completion. Although WOW TBC Gold is very fragrant.

Head for the Underbog dungeon in Coilfang Resvoir and initiate the instance. Don't forget to receive quests from your quest givers close to the entrance for much extra loot and experience! Head forward into your dungeon, slaying or running past mobs of Underbog enemies as you go along. The Underbog is a simple dungeon setup, with just one path leading on the end with the dungeon. Follow the path southeast to your first zone, north to your second zone, and west toward a final portion. The ending of The Underbog features The Black Stalker boss fight. Defeat The Black Stalker, loot its brain, and transform it into finish the quest.

Players can select between the Power Infused Mushroom or Essence Infused Mushroom as a reward for "Stalk the Stalker". The Power Infused Mushroom is termed a trinket that restores 200 mana in the event the player kills a target that offers experience or honor. This effect cannot occur a few times every 10-seconds, and also the trinket features a ten-second cooldown. The Essence Infused Mushroom contains the same effect, except it restores health to your player rather than mana. Whether players make use of the trinket within the newly-introduced PVP Arenas or perhaps in PvE, it is just a great idea to get the Power Infused Mushroom.

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