With EA releasing the previous Franchise Mode upgrade for Madden 21, it appears the focus has shifted to Mut 22 coins the release of Madden NFL 22. Many enthusiasts are hoping for new features in Madden 22, and possibly improvements to Face of the Franchise Mode. Although the name has not been formally announced, it's expected to release later this year, given the background of annual Madden releases. Rumors indicate that the next Madden cover star has been selected, though EA hasn't formally revealed this information.

Madden NFL 22's Launch Should be a Touchdown In comparison to NFL 21

Madden NFL 22 hasn't officially been confirmed, but it appears as near to certain as you can be that it will be coming this season. While an argument could be made that Electronic Arts should take a year off from the Madden NFL series, there is very little chance that will actually occur. In short, whatever is supplied in Madden NFL 22, it has to be a large debut compared to how Madden NFL 21 premiered.

The launching of Madden NFL 21 led to quite a bit of outcry from the series' community. Among complaints about the last installment in the franchise for last-gen consoles was that there simply wasn't enough new content there. While there were tweaks to match modes, there was not a large improvement to this game. That led to a claiming the match was little more than the usual"reskin" of Madden NFL 20. Others claimed it had been a level of cheap Madden 22 coins a $60 roster upgrade. With Madden NFL 22 being the very first in the series which will most likely be aimed for the Xbox collection X/S and PS5, it needs to be another iteration for the newest consoles.