The simple and elegant electronic cigarettes design is more charming and unique. Freeshark's first generation e-cigarette used this design, abandoning the messy functional design, leaving only the original function. Let your vaping time get a pure and quiet moment. If you have design requirements, please contact us to support customization.

  Combination of magnetically-absorbing and stable cigarette vape stick and vape bomb, gorgeous white LED breathing light, ceramic coil ingeniously large smoke, long-lasting and durable 1.5ml capacity and 370mAh vape battery. Each inhalation will be a great experience! Freeshark e-cigarette, healthier and more affordable.

  Freeshark-replaceable e-cigarettes are sold to many countries and regions, and have been praised by customers in Russia and the United States. We are committed to making e-cigarette devices with the most cost-effective and making e-cigarettes available to all cigarette smokers.