Why you need Rodents to be controlled by Executioners Pest Control

We provide Rodent Pest Control in Andheri, Mumbai to Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, and Hotels by our well-trained expertise professionals by using internationally-certified chemicals with a 100% Guarantee.

Rats which are universally known as rodent pests are of great importance in terms of economic damages caused by them. A rough estimate shows that 1/3rd of total food-grain production is annually damaged by rats. In today’s hi-tech environment, rodents are capable of causing millions of rupees in production loss, due to shut down of complex computer systems, when they gnaw inside computers and other highly sensitive equipment’s. Rats harbor dangerous parasites like tapeworm and fleas, which transmit epidemics like the plague, jaundice, etc. In homes and offices, our rodent pest control services in Mumbai are very essential in order to preserve important files, papers, electrical, computers, and telephone wiring, carpets, wooden ceiling and paneling as well as wooden furniture from rodent damage.