A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any person, and wedding chores are the most pleasant. However, there are many pitfalls and important details in organizing a wedding that cannot be overlooked. That is why this article is a kind of cheat sheet for young people in organizing their own wedding because this day should be the best and most memorable.

10 rules for a successful wedding

1. Trust the professionals

The first rule concerns the fact that, with all the good attitude towards friends and relatives, you should not trust people who are not professionals in this field to organize a wedding. In addition, at the wedding, they will be, first of all, guests, not presenters, photographers, etc. It is better to contact an event agency that knows all the details and will make your wedding day perfect.

2. Choose professionals carefully

When discussing the shooting, remember that the photographer and the videographer are different specialists. It is worthwhile to approach their choice very carefully, because it is thanks to them that the captured memories will remain, and their quality will depend on the experience and qualifications of a specialist. Also, the contract should immediately prescribe a clause regarding whether the contractor can post photos from the wedding on his website or on social networks.

3. Think about yourself

As a bride, you shouldn't take on any organizational issues on your wedding day. Let the control and coordination be carried out either by someone from the event agency, or by one of the relatives, because the bride will need to put herself in order, and the excitement will interfere with focusing on organizational issues.

4. Take care of the guests

A very important question is the seating of the guests at the wedding. Here it is necessary to take into account not only that people of approximately the same age or with similar interests should sit at the same table, but also that, for example, older guests do not sit next to the speakers. Particular attention should be paid to children if they will be present at the wedding. In this case, in addition to the table, it is also necessary to allocate a separate area for them, where they could play, relax or watch cartoons. For children, you can also invite an animator, who, by the way, can also be on the staff of the event agency.

5. Be whimsical in food

Of course, a good host, interesting contests and beautiful newlyweds will be remembered by the guests for a long time, but most of all the guests will remember the dishes and drinks that were treated at the wedding. Therefore, this issue should be approached with all responsibility. First, it is necessary to take into account the allergies and individual intolerances of the products of different guests. Secondly, individual preferences should be taken into account in matters of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to juices, drinks, lemonades, and other things do not forget about ordinary water. A restaurant for a wedding must be booked in advance and it is best to taste the dishes that will be on the table.

6. Plan ahead

In no case should you leave any business for the wedding day itself? It is better to prepare a couple of days earlier and devote the pre-holiday days to rest and minor issues. It is very important to plan everything as the wedding date is fixed, and always remember how many days until the wedding

  1. Be smart

If the wedding involves going out of town, you must check the weather in advance and notify all guests about it. For example, the fair sex can be offered to take with them removable flat shoes.

8. Talk about what you want

Some newlyweds make a certain wish list, that is, a list of gifts that they would like to receive. This is a good idea because in this way you can not only save guests from the painful invention of a gift for the young but also protect yourself from unnecessary things or from several identical gifts.

9. Don't overdo it

The next tip is about scents and smells. Firstly, new perfumes will not be the best option for a wedding, as they may not open up in the best way. Secondly, when choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet, you should not give preference to flowers with a heavy or obtrusive scent, because the bride will have to be with them all day, and such smells may give her a headache or worsen her health. Also, indoors or in a restaurant, you should not use scented candles.

10. Celebrate to your heart's content

As for the bride's bouquet, it can be of any shape and size. However, one should remember an important action - throwing a bouquet to unmarried girlfriends. In this case, you can prepare a copy of the bouquet, but in a smaller size or in a more standard shape, so that it is more convenient to throw and catch it. When photographing a bouquet, do not forget that it can cover most of the dress or the face, so it is better to lower it below the level of the chest. Also, usually, excitement can be very noticeable precisely by how tightly the bride's fingers squeeze the bouquet, so you need to relax and watch the position of your hands.

These tips will be useful to all newlyweds, but the main thing is that emotions are remembered most of all, so you should not be nervous and worried, but rather tune in to a positive wave and enjoy this day.