Aion is one of the most popular MMORPG games at the moment; it is not particularly fresh, but it is so full of features that can keep many followers still. What's more, the introduction of the Free To Play feature increased the community members, since not all players could afford the monthly subscription fee. The game is still awesome and the updates keep it up-to-date. A gamer's not much of a seller of Aion Kinah if they don’t at least have decent stock. It is easy to earn millions of Kinah, as long as the gamer knows what they're doing. Kinah is the official currency of Aion Online that plays a vital part in one’s gameplay. As such, many people turn into buyers looking for this simple yet special currency. Obtaining Kinah can be done in a variety of ways, here are some of them:

How to make Kinah Yourself - Events

This way of making Kinah won’t be very specific. But it’s easily the most important part of making some additional stuff in MMORPGs ever. And you already know what we’re talking about. Events.

Daily quests

Just like in the majority of MMORPGs, you will have regular quests to complete for experience and pay - daily choirs, weeklies, and so on. Most MMOs allow you to have an alt character. Fulfilling the challenges on multiple accounts guarantees more income.

Dailies and weeklies are not the most exciting way to earn Kinah in Aion, but it's stable, independent from the market, and less risky than, say, PvPing or grinding mobs.

Try to find first a NPC that gives a repeatable [Coin] quest. Killing the mobs for that quest you will get nice loot, junk loot for the vendor that usually sells for nice amounts of Kinah and also the quest Kinah bonus.

Are you going to grind in one of the areas within the Abyss, try to find a spot with Balaur mobs? They usually have a nice loot table, they drop Kinah as well, and they also give Abyss Points.

However, if you can't find a [Coin] quest or just don't want to look for one, and if you're not in the Abyss, find a spot with mobs that drop expensive Stigmas. There are stigmas in Aion that can be sold for over 1 million cheap aion kinah.

Always bring consumables when grinding. It's important to kill as many mobs as you can, as fast as you can. The more you kill, the higher chances for "goodies" to drop. With enough aion kinah in the game, you will do aion power leveling fast to level up your aion weapons.

Become A Crafter

Endless possibilities come into mind when crafting for Kinah, and we’re not talking about just simply making items to sell them. Sellers can also become a master crafter for hire and offer services for Kinah. A crafter can specialize in many things: armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, alchemy, and the like. However, the drawback to this is that there’s a required set of time and dedication to this profession. No one becomes an expert at something in just a day. But if someone is the type of person that likes to invest in improving their character as well, then this is something that they can do for enjoyment while getting some kinah at the same time.

Be sure to always auction your Aion items at the lowest Trade Broker price. Don't set the price too low because that can generate a price drop for the goods you sell in Aion.

The last way is by purchasing, to buy cheap AION Kinah is a great idea to make the game easy and casual. , as a professional Aion Gold supplier, we now provide the cheap aion gold for all gamers.