When inside a"Safehouse" you are not at your enemy, but it causes a few damag.e instead of OSRS gold some low levels, these will hit large enough to cause them to expire very fast. I suggest they tone down the damge into 3's and 5's to everything 30.

I CANNOT tell you just how uneven the caves are. Make a"book" system. This is the way it would work: Let's state that the cave is at maximum, and small Joey would like to go in, but folks are clicking quicker than him to invest in. Click either"enter" or"reserve". Reserve will render you a place and alert you with a message if your allowed to go in, but you only have 10 seconds to run in. And if you leave the bounty hunter area, you will be taken out of the list.

Upon entering, you will get any random goal in the region. I suggest they attempt to make your goal the nearest level to yours. I'll add more *cough* than you can imagine *Infection *. As you can see, I am not even close to being done with BH. I will hopefully find more to add after.

Imagine this situation: You wish to make a runescape bank movie. And you have a bank filled with things with a number of buy RS gold each item. You would like to calculate the complete quantity of money you've got as money and as assets. But you cant spend your time multiplying all your 490 items [with the amount of those you have] and adding them all. Along with your quotes can be off by millions.