How to Reset HP Smart Printer Password

Using an HP printer over Wi-Fi is a good way to embrace wireless printing technology. Sometimes we have problems connecting HP wireless printer to the computer. At this point, you need to reset your network settings for the new installation. Follow the steps below to reset the network settings of various wireless Reset HP Smart Printer Password them to their default settings so that you can connect them to your PC, phone, iPad, or tablet.

Also, one of the best features of HP is that users can password-protect their HP printers. This saves what is being printed from your printer. Lastly, this printer comes with an HP printer default password to protect your printer.

Steps to reset your HP printer password.

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the printer network and that the printer is connected to your computer.
  2. Open web browser Go to search bar HTTP. //192.168.223 The link is to be redirected to the Printer EWS page.
  3. Go to the Network section of the EWS page.
  4. Click on the HP Wireless Direct icon at the top to find the "Settings" option.
  5. To change the settings, click on Settings Go to Privacy Center to find the Password reset option.
  6. Now you will be asked to enter the default password username. In the Password field, enter the "admin" username field 01234, as this is the default password. Click the "Next" button.
  7. Now select "Edit Password" with various options Enter the password you want to create in the box Click "Next".
  8. Click "OK" to confirm and save the settings.
    So, with the help of the above steps, you can easily know the default HP printer password If you want to reset it then change it at the same time.

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