Thus far, the Guild is pretty excellent. What would make the Guild better is when their could be some thing like a restaurant mini-game. To RuneScape gold begin with, the Guild would have to be enlarged a little bit. If you want my opinion, it's tiny. When it was enlarged, along with a fourth floor has been added, it can be utilized a restaurant mini-game location.

To start this mini-game, you must have a white blouse and a Chef coat on. Following that, you have to talk to the Head Chef and he will take you into the fourth floor. He'll tell you that you need to select the supplies on the desk and await folks to purchase. When they purchase, you must make their meals before they get mad and leave. Some clients will get more mad at a faster rate. Each round will have two minutes and ten customers. The more clients you serve, the greater expertise reward you'll get. Here's a graph that will demonstrate the different clients and the problem level.

If all customers are servedshould be half total, you may receive fifteen million experience. Just take the number of clients you served divide it by two then multiply by 1000. Next is that the Ranging Guild. This isn't a very fun Guild at all. I believe the one thing you can do here is play with a mini-game where you shoot a target for a number of tickets which may be used to purchase things which you can buy at the Varrock Ranging Store.

There are some stores where you can purchase some simple range gear, but just about everything there can be purchased at Varrock. This doesn't look to be an excellent location at all if your attempting to train range. It simply seems like a basic yard with a few targets to shoot.

The way to IMPROVE: Now let us turn this crap yard into a theme park! To begin with, the place should be somewhat expanded. It's a really cramped place with a few spear fences to protect it. Additionally, the mini-game ought to be improved. The mini-game gives a reward of Ranging Tickets which may be used to purchase very little and non-rewarding stuff. Like the Warrior's Guild, I actually like the idea of ways to earn tokens from several mini-games and utilize the tokens to attempt to get a Defender. If these Ranging Tickets may be used to buy rs 3 gold enter one of four areas.