The rabbit fur fabric is very soft, but it is also very easy to stain. Therefore, rabbit fur fabric wholesalers need to be very careful when packing, so what is the way to pack? When a cloth bag is packed, it is necessary to use a cloth bag or sack to hold the wool seam and tie it with rope. Each bag is 30 kg, and the wool should be pressed tightly. If the package is too loose, it is easy to cause the rabbit hair fibers to rub against each other and produce tangled hair after repeated turning. Carton packaging requires clean and dry cartons, lined with plastic bags or moisture-proof paper, packed with wool and sealed, and tied with rope. This kind of packaging is only suitable for short-distance transportation at the grassroots purchasing stations where the number of rabbit furs is small. Of course, in addition to these two packaging methods, mechanical packaging can also be used, which is convenient and fast. And teddy velvet fabric wholesalers generally use the above three packaging methods when packaging.