Trap music has really come a long way with all the new tech music producers have been using. They are now mixing and blending various elements from hip hop, EDM, dubstep, and even country to give the audience an unforgettable experience to groove. No matter how creative you get, an expert needs to have the best solid arsenal of VSTs like synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. All these are necessary to create high-quality hi-hats and baselines. Depending on your music taste, the list here contains the best trap VST; The Best Trap VST on a Budget SubLab SubLab is a synthesizer from Future Audio Workshop, which is well-known for hip hop, future bass, and trap synths. It relies on three sound sources. Once you try using them, you would feel the difference. Pros It has an excellent low-end preset sound and sound quality that puts the best music upfront. Compared to other VST, this has a lower price point, especially for beginners and other music producers who cannot afford really expensive synths. Cons The only weak point here is that the VST lacks music production tips, manuals, and resources for new users. The Best Trap VST for Hi-Hats Hats If you’re really into creating and tweaking your hi-hats, then this is the best VST plugin. It will surely take your sound design beyond the samples. The noise generator in Hats is somewhat similar to a TR-808 drum machine which lets you blend the sounds with samples to create something unique. Additionally, you get reverb, bit crusher, and ring modulator. Pros It is easy to use. It comes with intuitive controls. You won’t need to spend half of your life learning how this synthesizer plugin works. You get a library full of amazing drum samples from classic drum machines. Cons The only weak point here is that it is pricey considering its features and functions. The Best Trap VST for Retro Sounds Sawer This VST gives you the vibes of Polivoks, a classic Soviet synthesizer from the 1980s. You’ll definitely find an out-of-the-box quality in this synth. Easy and fun to use is what makes it popular. In simpler terms, it provides some unusual filters than the standard options. Pros It has some amazing presets. Comes with a user-friendly interface. Has great built-in effects like reverb. Great sound quality. Cons It has limited options and settings, unlike the main VST instrument. The Best Trap VST to Produce Original Sounds Serum Unlike all the other VSTs, Serum has everything you need in a high-quality wavetable synthesizer. It gives you plenty of options to twist and tweak your work. With Serum, you can create your own sound from scratch, load it and tweak it. The Serum Xfer Wavetable Synth is a well-known soft synth because; Pros It has a high-quality synth with a collection of great presets. A Great wavetable editor to control, tweak, and perfect sounds like a pro. You get great trap preset packs. Cons It is a bit difficult to use if you’re practicing or experimenting with sound designs for the first time. The Best Trap VST for Instrumental Sounds Khords Khords is a virtual instrument that has 550 presets and 315 samples. With this, you can put an entire orchestra on your DAW. Thus, with Chords, you can mix and match sounds unlimitedly. Pros You get several instruments, samples, and presets. Also, you get a great option for six chords and reverbs. Cons You get only a limited opportunity for modulation. It is hard to pick the right VST for yourself, but you can make informative decisions when you have some narrowed-down options to choose from. So, if you want your music to go beyond what other music producers are producing, it is time that you learn about The Best Compressor VST as well. To wade through many creative toolset and Compressor plugins, read The Best Compressor VST: These 5 Will Make Your Mix Clean and Crisp.