Medellin, Colombia is a gorgeous and pristinely kept city, unlike any other in the world. In contrast to many of today’s modern architecture found in so many urban areas, you’ll find a peaceful city with beautiful greenery and little gardens throughout, amongst a sea of red clay tiles and brick. This city feels peaceful and elegant, and it shows in many of the real estate and property offerings available. Medellin is a very clean city, and local parks are well maintained. Even the roads are lined with tall green trees. This city offers a first-world environment with new brick high-rises on wooded hillsides and a perfectly kept landscape. Please see our Medellin real estate for sale below. There are also Medellin properties for rent in our listings below. inmobiliarias en medellin

Medellin real estate for sale is an amazing bargain in Medellin. You can find a lovely two bedroom, two bathroom apartment for under $100,000. This makes Medellin a wonderful relocation choice as is, but add the lifestyle that you will enjoy in, and you will be hard pressed to find a reason to not move here. With new and existing construction options to choose from, it is easy to find your perfect home. There are locations for any budget that are perfect for retirement, a second home, or investment. Medellin is a reward destination, offering many a lifestyle that would be unattainable in other countries. This beautiful city leaves nothing to be desired.

(Here is detailed information on buying real estate in Colombia. Including buying real estate for a Colombia residency visa. We also have a 3 day Medellin real estate tour please go here for more information.)

Medellin real estate is an ideal spot for retirement – or to ease your way out of the hustle and bustle of your working years and enjoy some relaxing time. With great weather that averages in the lower 80’s, there won’t be any problems with comfort. Whether you like to run, walk, swim, bike, golf, garden or just ”chill out” on your balcony every day, then Medellin is the place for you.

Medellin is an extremely convenient city for those who need to travel back and forth to the United States. Direct flights are offered in and out of Miami, Florida daily. Flights to other global locations are also very accessible.

Think of Medellin as your travel hub. Feel like a weekend at the beach, Cartagena is an hour flight. Want to visit the”Athens of South America”? Bogota is 35 minutes by air. Love to Salsa? Then Cali is caliente – hot, hot, hot and less than an hour’s flying time. Panama City and Quito are also approximately one hour’s journey. In Medellin,”the world is at your fingertips”.

There is a culturally rich atmosphere in Medellin, and living here will put it all at your fingertips. From the orchestra, to theater, art, museums, and fine dining you’ll always have something new to explore. Did you know that Medellin is the second largest Tango”Centre” in Latin America? You can enjoy these amenities with easily transportation and notably friendly taxi drivers.