Off to Mulgore! Blizzard has opened the Darkmoon Fair on the WoW Classic servers. Blizzard announced a few days ago to WOW TBC Classic Gold players of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic that we can look forward to the Darkmoon Fair and a PvP treat that promises double honor in the pre-patch phase.

Update from May 25th:

The last ID of the pre-patch phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic starts soon and Blizzard has - as announced - opened the Darkmoon Faire early so that you can benefit from the advantages of the fair in the next few days. You can find the marquees until May 31st in the south of Donnerfels in Mulgore.

As an Alliance player, the best way to get to the festivities in Mulgore is to take the ship to Ratchet in Booty Bay and then cross the Barrens in a southwestern direction. At Camp Taurajo you will find the entrance to Mulgore. All fighters under the red banner only have to head for the "Thunder Bluff" airport and leave the city in a south-westerly direction.

You can find out what exactly to expect there in our special Darkmoon Fair - card sets, quests, mini-games and more. Here is the crisp summary:

Anyone who has earned or bought a complete set of dark moon cards in the World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99) can exchange them for the corresponding dark moon jewelry at Professor Thaddeus Paleo.
Use quests to win tickets that you can exchange for various rewards, including a 14-slot bag, orb of the dark moon and amulet of the dark moon.
Activates a useful world buff at NPC Sayge for two hours. The buff depends on your dialog responses. You can find all combinations and buffs in the article linked above. Those who want ten percent more damage choose the first answer option twice.
Play the two mini-games Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon or Steam Tank.

The next Darkmoon Fair won't open again until June in Elwynn Forest, after the launch of Burning Crusade Classic.

Original message from May 21:

The pre-patch phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic started this week and will continue until the final launch of TBC Classic on June 2nd. Community Manager Kaivax has now announced in the official WoW forum that we can look forward to two exciting features that were not actually on the plan during this short transition phase.

Feature 1: After the hotfix for PvP honor on May 20th, Blizzard has now decided to double the honor received from all sources for the remainder of the pre-patch phase. This also includes the honor bonus from the battlefield holidays and the honor from the new daily PvP quest. Speaking of holidays: The Arathi Basin holidays will be on the program this weekend, and next week it will be the Alterac Valley's turn. All of these changes should go live with the next server restart.

The developers are responding to the desire of many players to earn some of the 13th and 14th rankings for their characters during the pre-patch phase, which is due to the very low honor yield for their characters after the hotfix many would not have been possible.

Feature 2: The developers prefer the next Darkmoon Fair so that we can also benefit from the special advantages of the fair for a few days during the pre-patch phase. Specifically, the tents will be raised on Monday, May 24th for a week in Mulgore. In June we continue in Elwynn Forest.

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