When it comes to staying fit and losing those extra fats, a balanced diet is an absolute must! When you are planning to lose weight, you must first of all know that a proper meal plan is more important than exercise. Diet does 70% of the work and exercise does 20% of the work for weight loss.

Moreover, vital vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats, roughage and water in their right portions are very important for the body to remain healthy and fit. Exercising along with that keeps our mental and physical health balanced. Now, let’s get to know about what to follow to lose weight and stay fit.

Intake of Protein-Rich Food

Intake of protein-rich food results in the building of muscles. The layer of fat under the skin needs to be removed. A protein-rich diet helps in that as the intake of fats and carbohydrates reduces resulting in no fat formation. Your saggy body will gain the right shape with proper muscle build through the High Protein Meal Plan for Weight Loss.

Exercising the Right Way

First of all, before planning on exercising, you need to know your body type. Whether you are endomorphic or ectomorphic or mesomorphic is the first thing to be known. Secondly, you must know your body mass index ratio. And, lastly you need a Life And Fitness Coach to guide you with the right way to do exercise. Exercising if done wrong has adverse effects on your body. So, you need someone to show you the correct way of doing it.

Drinking Plenty Water

Water not only helps in weight loss but also is very important to run all the processes well on the inside. It detoxifies our body and keeps us hydrated.

Boosting Metabolism

A bad metabolism might be the reason for your weight gain and also reduces the chances of losing weight. So, in order to boost your metabolism you need to drink plenty of water and include plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet. Meals should be consumed in less quantity but at regular intervals. Skipping meals or not taking meals timely can break the discipline and affect your metabolism. Including right amount of vitamins and leafy green vegetables are healthy for the stomach and keeps us away from diseases.

That being said, hopefully, this article covers almost everything necessary for those who are planning to lose weight and also for those who want to remain fit and healthy.