Sodium gluconate is a white crystal particle or powder. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Besides, it has a salty taste. Sodium gluconate is widely used in food, construction, medicine, water treatment, electroplating, development, and other industries, especially in the food industry. If you want to know more details about Kingsun sodium gluconate uses in different ways, please visit this site: This article will detail the functions of sodium gluconate in the food industry.

As a new functional flavor, sodium gluconate can give food a sour taste, improve food taste, prevent protein denaturation, cover the bad bitter taste, astringency taste, replace salt to make low sodium food.

Sodium gluconate can replace table salt. Studies have shown that high sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure. For this reason, low sodium salt food has become a hot topic in the food industry. Sodium gluconate has a salt taste similar to table salt, but its molecular weight is only 10.5%. Compared with table salt, sodium gluconate has only a quarter of the sodium content. Moreover, compared with another low-sodium salt, sodium gluconate has the advantages of no irritation, no bitter taste, salt, and so on, which makes it the best substitute for salt. At present, it is widely used in unsalted soy sauce, bread, and other food fields. In white bread, sodium gluconate is completely substituted for sodium chloride, which will not cause the difference in bread volume, flavor, and shelf life.

Sodium gluconate can improve the flavor of food. In the food industry, the flavor is the most important index to measure the food. Recent studies have found that sodium gluconate has a significant effect on the improvement of food flavor. By adding sodium gluconate to low-fat cheese, the original bitter and astringent taste of low-fat cheese is eliminated and the overall taste is improved. By comparing the flavor of lactone tofu made with sodium gluconate and gypsum as a coagulant, it is found that the tofu made with sodium gluconate is more delicate, with higher taste and nutritional value.

Sodium gluconate can enhance the nutritional properties of food. As a multifunctional food additive, sodium gluconate uses in food can not only improve the flavor of food but also enhance the nutritional characteristics of food. For example, through the in-depth study of cheese hardening, it is found that sodium gluconate can form a soluble complex with calcium ions and lactate ions in cheese, so as to increase the solubility of calcium lactate, which can not only effectively prevent cheese hardening, but also ensure the nutritional quality of cheese.