There are many kinds of fabrics nowadays. The most important thing for fabrics is comfort, softness, and warmth. Now, with more and more living conditions, the requirements for fabrics are getting higher and higher. The rabbit fur fabric produced by a rabbit fur fabric supplier is also very popular.

Rabbit hair is divided into grass rabbit and otter rabbit. The grass rabbit generally has a bit of needle hair, with pointed hair, and looks a bit long. If it has not been cut, it is about the size of two joints. It does not have the softness and brightness of the rex rabbit, nor the density of the rex rabbit. This is why the price of the rex rabbit is more expensive than the grass rabbit. When buying rabbit fur, be sure to pay attention to the seller's remarks to avoid shoddy. A fur garment generally requires more than 2 pieces of fur, and when making it, it is necessary to divide the fur into more small pieces for splicing. The fur used in good clothes (including hair length, hair color, and hair density) is the same, and the splicing between the small pieces is not obvious. On the contrary, poorly done clothes either have inconsistent hair length, or the hair color is darker and lighter, or the density of the hair varies, and even the stitching has obvious cross-cutting.

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