In OPC Company registration in Electronic city According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, one person company registration process can be explained in detail as:


Application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): To acquire a DSC, the suggested director will require documents such as a photograph, address proof, PAN card, AADHAR card email-id, and phone number that are required. DSC is very much mandatory as all the company registration processes are done electronically.

Application for Director Identification Number (DIN): The suggested director must complete the SPICe Form to get the benefits of DIN. The details of address proof and the name of the Director have to be submitted here. If in case the proposed company already exists, Form DIR 3 has to be completed.

Name Approval Application: The name of the company registration can be authenticated either by filling up an application in Form SPICe 32 or by digitally we have RUN web service of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. One favored name along with the signature that has to be submitted. The ministry will decide to allow two suggested names along with one action of submitting. The name of the company will be once authenticated shall attach privately limited at the end, for instance, XYZ (OPC) Private Limited. You can conduct your name search for your company here

Documents that are required for submission to the Registrar of Companies (RoC):


Opc Registration Consultants in Electronic city there will be a Memorandum of Association (MoA) explains that the firm business for which an OPC will be united.

The Articles of Association (AoA) affirms that e bye-laws for the operation of a business.

A voluntary nominee has to be appointed. The nominee will be in charge in case the director dies, absent or become incapacitated, or is unable to achieve his works.

Proof of company registered office: proof NOC of the owner and the ownership.

Consent and Affidavit of the proposed director.

A professional declaration registering and certifying that all subordination has been made.


Filing forms with MCA: In the case to complete the OPC Registration, all the above-mentioned documents that have to be attached to SPICe Form, SPICe-MoA, and SPICe-AOA with including the DSC of the professional and director. The above forms should be uploaded by the MCA on the website for approval purposes. Further, TAN and PAN that are developed for the OPC will be uploaded to MCA after attaching the DSC of the proposed Director.




OPC Service provider in Electronic city has an issue of Incorporation Certificate: After all the verification processes, RoC will issue a Certificate and Registered Certificate of Incorporation. Therefore, the business can be started.

Thus, One Person Company is a fresh form of business that allows a business and entrepreneur to function as a corporate entity on a single hand. The average time is taken to fill up all the registration processes it takes around 10 to 15 days. Changes can be made concerning the are subject to changes in governments processing time.



How to Apply for OPC REGISTRATION in Electronic City?


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