Nowadays, the technology is one of the most prominent buzz of the day regarding the strategy of technology that  is called the digital transformation.  This is the term which is used by all types of the organization in all of the sectors , webinars, the conference and product  selling. However, there is also a real side of the phrase which is changing each of the industries starting with the health care to the education sector. Get the best-in-class Assignment Help from our academic professionals and get good grades in your assignments by completing them timely.

At the most simple level, the digital transformation suggests the transformation of an organization’ core business for meeting better the needs of the customers having leveraged the technologies.  In terms of the education too, the customers who are targeted are often the students who could also be  the staffs, the faculty and the alumni and the others. For example, the digital transformation is quite aimed at the transformation of the experiences of the students including many  factors. If you want to get Case Study Help then you can get it too from our professional academic experts easily.

The factors can be the recruitment of the students digitally after using the social media and texting being the part of the process which is driven by the data.  The students are further allowed in registering through the mobiles on the scalable cloud based systems of student information. It also provides a popular variety of the online learning options for the students to select from the key points in their entire academic career. Get MBA Dissertation Help from our professional experts at a reasonable price and complete your assignment.

Again, the working with the faculties along with the programs for converting the courses to the flipped and the blended models could be helpful. The usage of the technology for the monitoring of the student’ progress and the success metrics along with the execution of the intervention protocols. The partnering with the industry for providing the digital badges along with certificates for enhancement of the career opportunities could further be  helpful for them. Generate APA citation for your essays and articles with the APA citation generator easily without any issue for free.

 The combination of these items into the wide-ranging digital transformation and the groups across all of the whole institution are supposed to work together for putting the experience of the students. Also, the institution could further combine the data  from the digital process for deciding on and power the next  transformation.

 The goals of the digital transformation is the customer  focus that is the crucial element. The founder of UK’ government digital service agency named as Tom Loosemore has summed up the concept in the  year 2016. Digital is about the practices, the application of the culture, the technologies and the processes  of the internet  era for responding  to the raised expectations of the people. This is the extraordinary value about the meeting of the increased expectation of the customer changing the business models quite dramatically. The examples can be taken from Airbnb, Amazon and Uber too.

It further stands to reason that such as supportive mind-set in the organizational context is necessary as the key component for the entire success level. The senior vice president at the Gartner Inc, is viewing the technology in the form of the enabler of digital transformation that is quite driven by four of the goals.  There is further the enhanced competitiveness, the better customer experience and the greater agility across the whole enterprise.

 There is a solid relationship between the transformation of the goals and the higher education too. Some wording might appear out of the place where there are other ways of applying four of the digital transformation to the college and university businesses. On  the other hand, the competitiveness is again a factor in terms of the higher education. The US department of Education has found that there are number of colleges along with the Universities responsible for the increase over the past 25 years.

 The Economist has determined that this specific competition was quite spearheaded through the institution that is for-profit along with a new type of competitors which hope for reimagining the higher education. The profitability might appear in the form of the non-sequitur in non-profit institution’s realm where many of the private and the state institutions are quite under  the increasing pressure for cutting the costs down, for justifying the prices of the tuition to improve the entire outcome to the students. There are similar discussions on the value proposition that business and the non-profit people face around the entire globe.

Since the customer experience is the focus the staff and the customer experience are quite important. In terms of the higher education, the experiences of the customers are often focused on the experiences of the students such as the retention along with the graduation rates, the learning outcomes , the salaries and the employment rates. In terms of the methodology of the design thinking, people would view the experiences of the customers through the touchpoint lens along with the journey map.

If this particular approach to the experiences of the students and the universities are applied, the customer journey of the students starting with the recruitment to the enrolment and matriculation to the employment. It can be such a fertile ground for addressing and improving a multitude of the associated issues across the entire institution.

In the year 2018, in New Orleans, Bernard Bull being the vice provost for the curriculum along with the academic innovation in the Concordia University has corroborated the point of remarking that ‘ enrolment and  the admission is one such teaching and the learning issue’.  This is the statement which reflects the central concept of the administrative functions. These are quite  historically separated from the entire academic mission of the institution. This is seen as the element of the entire students’ experience at the schools. It further reflects the  view of a failure for addressing the broader context of the experience of the student  that  could be the competitive shortcoming in the next generation of the higher education.

 The agility is about trying the defining and addressing each of the touchpoint with the given student from the primary recruiting function for the commencement and  beyond that is a huge endeavour.  There is one such way of approaching the large initiative for increasing the agility across the enterprise starting with the communication to the implementation after collaboration. When the institution cannot communicate and implement the entirely new solutions that is across the functional silos along with the ingrained ways of doing everything.

 The entire process is quite daunting  regarding which people of the campus have the  real touchpoints with the students and who has the proper data for improving the experiences.  In the 21st century, there have been discovered many of the transformation models. Notably, the data and the technology are combining all of the four elements for transforming the higher education. It is like the way other industries have been transformed.  It is also like many other institutions that have been moving quite down the path of the own digital transformation.

As implied by the terminology, the organizational mind-set is the way it separates the No digital initiative institutions from that of the Desire and the Ambition. It is for moving from the Desire and Ambition to the Designing and the Delivering of the stages. It needs a particular framework which can be communicated quite effectively to the primary stakeholders along with the decision makers.

Again, in the Gartner Model, the experiences of the customer are well combined with the data that is collected from all of the internet sources for the creation of a data set for the particular analysis.  The digital ecosystems as the citizen developer and the APIs provide some new collaboration platforms for making the organization quite innovative.