The flower girl, also known as the little bridesmaid, refers to the little girl who entrusts a wedding dress to the couple or throws petals in front of the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony. They are usually 4 to 8 years old.
The innocent and romantic flower girl is a beautiful scenery at the wedding, bringing the most innocent and splendid blessings. The newlyweds must not ignore the wedding flower girl dress, remember to choose a good-looking dress for the wedding flower girl. But note that there are also many particularities in choosing flower girl dresses.
1. Buy or rent: Many wedding dress shops have flower girl dresses for rent, but it is best to buy them and give them to flower girls. This will make them very happy. On the other hand, girls’ mothers don’t like their daughters to wear others fower girl dress worn through. If the bride wants to pursue overall coordination, she can look at the flower girl dresses when buying a wedding dress.
2. What style to choose: For the coordination of the whole wedding, the flower girl dress is best to be similar to the bridesmaid dress. After all, the flower girls are just some children. In order to show the innocence and liveliness of children, it is necessary to choose cute or lady-like dresses. It is best not to choose too mature styles. A fluffy little princess dress and a little dress with a similar style to the bridesmaid are the most suitable, but it is perfect with a pair of small leather shoes. On the wedding day, there is nothing more cute than children wearing their favorite dresses, so it is best to seek their opinions before buying flower girl clothes.
3. What color to choose: The color of the flower girl dresses should be selected according to the main color of the wedding, it is best to be consistent with the color of the wedding, or choose a versatile white, plus some small details of the main color, such as flower heads, flower baskets, etc. . You can also choose the same color as the bridesmaid's dress. In addition, light colors such as pink and blue are also favorite colors for children.
4. What size to choose: When choosing a girl's dress, pay special attention to the size. It is best to ask for the specific size of the flower girl before buying. Children are more lively. If the size of the flower girl's dress is too large, especially if the skirt is too long, it is easy to trip the flower girl. Generally speaking, the dresses of a girl flower girl should not be too short, otherwise it is not very ladylike and dignified. But it should not be too long, otherwise it will easily cause the children to be injured. Choosing a dress with a length in the middle of the calf is the most suitable.
5. Others: In addition to dresses, it is also necessary to prepare some decorations for the flower girl, garlands, headdresses, flower baskets, flowers, small wings, these decorations can not only increase the children's innocence, but also add beautiful scenery to the wedding.
Finally, children’s skin is very delicate. In order to avoid rough fabrics from scratching the children’s skin, when choosing dresses, we must pay special attention to the fabrics, mainly breathable and comfortable.