As the best-in-class medical equipment became a necessity for the healthcare industry, dedicated financing for equipment purchase surfaced as a challenge due to the high costs involved in procuring such facilities. Most medical equipment based on advanced technology were either unavailable initially or required a high investment. The introduction of loan medical equipment, nevertheless, changed this scenario, bringing dedicated financing at the disposal of healthcare professionals.

These are customised loans that are provided specially for the purchase of medical equipment typically under the following categories:

-    Loans for doctors
-    Loans for non-individuals
-    Loans for dentists

Under this purview, medical equipment loans are made available to a wide range of medical practitioners and facilities. It thus empowers the healthcare industry with necessary financing required for advanced care and treatment of patients.

Further, check out how a loan for medical equipment has been a crucial trigger to the changing face of healthcare financing.

Financing Available for All Types of Medical Facilities

Medical equipment loans cover under their ambit all medical facilities, whether big or small. Thus, whether a facility is running as a super-speciality hospital, a diagnostic centre, a nursing home, a pathology lab or a private practice clinic, the loan for medical equipment can be easily availed against simple eligibility requirements.

Purchase of both New and Refurbished Medical Equipment

The medical equipment loan, available as a high-value funding option, can be utilised for the purchase of not only new and advanced medical equipment but also the refurbished ones. You would thus not need to worry upgrading a medical facility even though the practice is running under budget. It thus typically allows clinics and medical centres running on a small scale to provide the latest medical diagnosis and care.

Purchase of a Wide Array of Healthcare Equipment Possible

Another critical benefit of this dedicated financing option is that its usage encompasses a wide array of medical equipment needed in administering modern healthcare solutions to patients. Eliminating the lack of funding, it thus propels medical practices to expand to a wider horizon of healthcare, covering a diverse range of disease diagnostics and treatment.

Some of the common medical equipment one can purchase through this funding includes – 

•    Integrated diagnostic systems.
•    MRI/CT scanners.
•    ECG machines.
•    Defibrillators.
•    Traction equipment.
•    Defibrillators.
•    Cardiac and respiratory support systems.
•    Devices for emergency resuscitation.
•    Colour doppler.
•    Dental chairs.
•    Ventilators.

The list is only indicative, and funds can be utilised for various other equipment purchases for a full-fledged medical facility.

Support for Additional Costs in the Facility

Expenses related to medical equipment do not end with such machine’s purchase. With some of them, the costs may extend well beyond bringing such system into the facility, and can include additional costs like installation charges, skilled manpower requirement to operate the equipment, etc., timely repair in case of refurbished equipment purchase, etc.

As these loans are available in high quantum, the funding can be sufficient to meet these additional financing needs related to medical equipment as well.

The availability of a loan for medical equipment thus provides an all-rounded financial support in establishing or upgrading a medical facility. One can check and fulfil the necessary eligibility criteria laid down by financial institutions providing these loans before applying.

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