the work stand make sure your petcock is turned off of course and of course this bike foam air filter oil is not that bad because i didn't ride in muddy conditions last time but underneath you can see some areas that it's you know got some mud build up usually under the chain guide uh under the uh you know pivot of the suspension got a few areas where it's a little muddy around the petcock up there but it's not bad because i didn't ride in muddy conditions last time okay so i'm gonna gently you know spray simple green underneath it and then rinse it off again okay so here we go all righty uh then you could flip it over and lay it on its other side i won't show you that because we've seen enough already.

 Cleaning  Air Filters The EASY Way!

But um yeah you'll just you'll see when you when you lay it on its side and you can get underneath and you can find hiding mud and dirt that you never knew was there and you try to keep these bikes foam air filter oil as clean as possible and then after you've finished rinsing thoroughly and all that uh you'll stand her back up and then we'll hit it with the leaf blower and dry it off thoroughly all right we've got our stood up again and i'm satisfied with how clean it is so now we'll dry it off with the leaf blower you can use any leaf blower but this happens to be a steel bg56c i've got a few videos on this as well you know as far as doing tune-ups and servicing and whatnot so check out other videos on that [Music] [Music] wow [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] all right [Music] very time consuming i know but she is looking good well it's a he whatever i call it mr white uh the final step i do is of course you know lubricate the chain and you can take you some you know wd-40 or some kind of rust inhibitor and i wipe it on the on the expansion chamber but at the very least you should you know make sure it's clean and dried off completely that way you won't get any surface rust buildup on a works pipe like this but yeah it's a good idea just to spray your little wd-40 or anything that's you know rust preventative and just leave it on there but looking good very nice right underneath everywhere and in a nutshell that is basically it.

SWM Bike Maintenance For Beginners.

This swm motorcycles too fast I'm not even going fast I'm only doing 52. oh it's a 40k zone i've lost that much threat in the first two days they still look good don't they still get that line yeah lovely i'll see you guys later [Music] see samara [Music] yep today youtubers i'm dodger moore and welcome to my channel [Music] just finished work pulled the pin today had enough so i'm going out for a ride we go up to the den and on rangers yeah the rounds i had to do today had so much mile hey you know what over time you know it's good to get over time every now and then but you know you've got to have a life as well and that's where i decided today enough is enough i pulled the pin and i was going for a ride i'm not having much of a good day today but he went to deliver one of the uh letter boxes which is all covered in trees and whatnot and there was a friggin ant in there and decided to bite me so i've got a little bit of a mark on my chin so weather-wise it's not too bad today probably about 20 degrees sun's finally starting to come out it's been overcast all day but now the sun's starting to break