Have you purchased your double girder EOT cranes or the other type of cranes required for your worksite or are you in the process of purchasing the EOT cranes for your factory? You need to ensure that the EOT cranes of exceptional quality are purchased and that the cranes are installed professionally.

Even if you have purchased the best crane possible in the given category, if the equipment is not installed professionally then you would frequently be calling your crane repair company and spending a lot of money on crane maintenance and repairs. To ensure professional installation of the cranes you must ensure that you are adequately prepared. As a customer, you may not be aware what sort of preparations are required, therefore it is best to gain clarity in this regard directly from the manufacturer or the installation company.

The nature of the preparations required will vary depending on the type of crane you are planning to install in your facility. Proper planning is required to ensure correct installation of the cranes in your facility. For instance, for the installation of EOT cranes you may need to erect support structures and in case you are required to install reinforced concrete support structures you would need time for the construction of the support structure and for the curing of the same before it is ready for use. You need to fix the installation dates keeping all these factors in mind.

It is best if the installation company visits the worksite in advance and provide you their recommendations on the support structures to be erected. This would remove the gamble out of the entire process. When your installation engineers for the initial visit prior to the installation you may need to provide them with all the basic information such as the direction of crane movement both vertical and horizontal movements, areas where vertical lift is required and the spots where horizontal moment is required. You should also let them know of the maximum lift required and based on this the installation configuration would vary. Similarly, your crane installation company would also want to know the total height of the ceiling from the floor and at the lifting points.

On the installation day, the worksite should be kept free from all the other workforce traffic and only those who are concerned with the installation process should be given access to the area. This will minimize the risk of unnecessary accidents and liability issues on the day of installation. It is important that you provide the installation company with uninterrupted power supply on the day of installation. If there is going to be a scheduled power shutdown or other related issues, you must have alternative arrangements or consider moving the installation date to a different day whereby you do not have to worry about power supply issues. Take your time to list all the necessary preparations required before you embark on your EOT crane installation project.