Home is a warm and beautiful term. Home is not only a place where we live but also a place full of love. The bathroom is a space where you can relax. It is the place where our daily life begins and ends.

In daily life, the black and white bathroom is more or less dull. At this time, you might as well add some jumping colors to the black and white bathroom space to make the bathroom full of vitality.

The bathroom cabinet is the finishing touch of a bathroom, which can bring a stylish temperament to the bathroom, and the bathroom cabinets of different colors can bring a strange beauty to the bathroom.

The materials of bathroom mirror cabinets are mainly divided into solid wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC and so on.

Solid wood (oak) material: beautiful appearance, good texture, and environmental protection, but the price is more expensive;

Multi-layer solid wood material: beautiful, good texture, and also environmentally friendly, the price will be lower than that of oak. However, solid wood bathroom cabinets are best installed in a bathroom separated from dry and wet or carefully treated with waterproof and moisture-proof processes.

Aluminum alloy/space aluminum: The surface is generally treated with vacuum heat transfer technology, which is not easy to deform and age, strong and moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly.

Stainless steel: quite satisfactory and relatively few on the market.

PVC material: rich in color, high temperature and scratch resistance, but not high corrosion resistance, easy to fade and peel, and general environmental protection.

Prioritized by performance and beauty: solid wood (oak)>multi-layer solid wood>aluminum alloy>stainless steel>pvc.

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