For a long time, healthcare industry has refrained from utilizing the full potential of customer support outsourcing services. Most businesses in healthcare are carried out in-house, and only a few are outsourced sporadically. However, lately, healthcare domain has started experimenting with customer support service from outside vendors. Better Training is the Instigator of Change in Mindset towards Outsourcing Outsourcing has become popular in the health sector because now we have well-trained call center reps. In the past, it was considered illogical to assign common call center reps to offer critical advice and handle sensitive communication with customers. As every other member was highly educated, the role of a call center rep was largely criticized because his/her lack of knowledge in the core medical practices. But this thinking has changed in the past few years. Call center services have become a professional domain and now we have experts to look after its every aspect. Better training solutions are easily available, and over the years they have also been certified to allay the fears of healthcare organizations using them. Although their knowledge might not be at the same level as that of doctors and medical experts, they are more than well-equipped to deal with all the possible questions that are asked by patients and their relatives. Important Healthcare Call Center Attributes of Agents As a Vcare call center agent directly represents a brand, his role is second to none. Below are some important attributes of call center agents in the healthcare industry: Following of Data Protection Act Religiously Data Protection Act (DPA) prevents wrongful revelation of data to unauthorized parties. As a medical call center agent has access to sensitive customer information, he needs to follow the DPA strictly. In the USA, it is important to work exactly as per the standards prescribed by HIPAA i.e., the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Rapport Building and Polite Demeanor of Agents The people calling a healthcare call center could be in a very bad place emotionally because of health reasons. So, the healthcare agents need to have good emotional intelligence to identify the mental state of the callers and communicate accordingly. Rapport building and empathy are vital traits for a healthcare call center agent. At Vcare Tec, we offer the best platform for healthcare office services outsourcing. All our agents are well trained in the HIPAA compliance act. They are made aware of the basic technicalities of the medical field. We have several levels of escalations to handle different issues with different level of complexity.