Blanket cloth is any kind of heavy fabric, usually sold in bulk, and the thickness is large enough that it can be easily cut into large blankets. Most of the time, it is woven, usually variegated and brushed, to increase its durability. Most fabrics can be made into some kind of blanket, as is the milk velvet printed blanket produced by the milk velvet printed blanket factory . The important raw material for the production of milk fiber is milk protein, so it contains 17 kinds of nutritious amino acids. It also has a natural and long-lasting antibacterial function. It has a broad-spectrum antibacterial rate against Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, fungi, and molds. More than 80% of home textile products have the effect of moisturizing the skin due to the action of active protein in the fiber. The home textile fabric blended and interwoven with milk protein fiber and other fibers have a fine and light texture, breathable and smooth, the fabric is elegant and luxurious, and the color is gorgeous. Of course, the PV plush blanket produced by the PV plush blanket factory is also very comfortable.