When you upload a video to your YouTube channel and want to share it on your website, you have two options at the bottom of the video to do so, either with the simple URL or with the iframe option to customize it in size. In this post, I tell you these tricks to insert YouTube videos.

There are parameters that you can insert in the frame that allow you to customize the object that you integrate on your website. It is not a wonder but it gives you some options to differentiate your YouTube player from the others.

In this way, you can highlight the videos of your online business on your own website. Just use some custom font to make it look noticeable to get fancy fonts just visit: fancycrazytext.com

A YouTube channel is a great way to start without money and work on your personal brand.

Below the video we have an option that is "Share" and clicking on it opens 4 more options, one of them being "Insert", being able to choose its size in a window that you have below.

So you can see how the startup code is like this

<iframe width = »640 ″ height =» 360 ″ src = »// www.youtube.com/embed/RAGnHADKIIM» frameborder = »0 ″ allowfullscreen> </iframe>

The different options we have are:

  • Autoplay in the insertion of the video: Simply adding the " autoplay = 1 "
  • If you want it to start at a time other than the start insert " start = 100 " (the time in seconds)
  • You can make the controls at the bottom disappear with the code " controls = 1 "
  • To avoid the annoying videos related to the end of the video you must put " rel = 0 "
  • To prevent the video information from appearing at the top of the player " showing = 0 "

Any code that we incorporate will always be placed after the video ID. The first parameter starts after the? and those that you add & but all without spaces.


<iframe width = »640 ″ height =» 360 ″ src = »// www.youtube.com/embed/RAGnHADKIIM? INSERT HERE »frameborder =» 0 ″ allowfullscreen> </iframe>

So it would be as follows:

<iframe width = »640 ″ height =» 360 ″ src = »// www.youtube.com/embed/RAGnHADKIIM? rel = 0 & showinfo = 0 & controls = 1 & autoplay = 1 & start = 120 »frameborder =» 0 ″ allowfullscreen> </iframe>

If you only want the player clean without autoplay or starting at minute 2:00 avoid putting the last 2.

With what we will have a clean player without any type of mark on the part of YouTube and without the recommended videos at the end.

And if you don't want anyone to insert your videos on their websites, you just have to go to Video manager> Edit> Advanced settings> Uncheck the "Allow insertion" box in distribution options.

In case you want other customization options you can choose flowplayer or videos.

I hope it can be useful for future incorporations of videos to your website, whether they are your own or others.