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Drilling Bentonite

Bentonite is derived from the montmorillonite clay. It undergoes numerous processes before it is ready to be distributed. The uses of bentonite are many. Drilling bentonite is one of them. Almost every industry requires it. Bentonite is unavoidable in drilling activities due to its exclusive qualities. There are many bentonite manufacturers online. Hence, you can order API bentonite online.

Bentonite – Various Applications and Uses

Bentonite clay is used as a bonding material in moulding things. Therefore, it is used in the iron and steel industries effectively.Bentonite powder has good flowability and compatibility. Hence, it is used for quality castings.

Sodium bentonite is used in oil well drilling. It is used to seal the borehole walls. Hence, it prevents leakages. It is also used for lubrication. Therefore, it is used to lubricate cutting heads. Civil bentonite is effectively used in foundries. It is suitable for both big and small castings.

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