Do you run a small business with a handful of people in the office? Do you live with a big family with everybody needing a strong wifi connection in the time of COVID-19? If your answer is a yes in both the scenarios, you might be in a dilemma to choose between a business or consumer router.

Whether you run a small business or are working from home, there are best internet parental controls routers for everyone. To choose the one that fits into your needs, here are a couple of things to consider.

The kind of wifi activities done the most
If your work is mostly dependent on heavy downloading and uploading activities, you would need a router that can take care of these basic necessities. A consumer router might be a better fit for you.

Number of people on the network
If the numbers of users are more than 5 or 6, it could be a better idea to settle for a consumer router.

Need for speed or security?
For those who prefer a faster wi-fi connection over a safer network, a consumer router could fit into the bill.

What will you get with a consumer router?
A home router or say consumer router will provide wireless access to up to 64 devices in most cases at a frequency of 32 per band. Most of these routers come with up to four ethernet ports for wired access and some even have USB connectivity to share heavy files. Almost every home router has a basic firewall and other configuration settings.

What will you get with a basic business router?
Business routers often come with application, network and security features on a single device with many offering hardware based VPN access to remote users and clients. Since business routers are expensive, they are often made with premium quality material and can work flawlessly for years. In short, their usage life is more than home routers. However, many reputable manufacturers are nowadays making sure that their consumer routers have top-notch quality and provide an unbeatable performance for the years to come.

In Short
While business routers made to be single high-performing devices that have a more complex way of functioning, home routers offer more ease of access and connectivity. If your usage doesn’t demand a lot of features, it makes sense to settle for a home router.